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Submitted by areimer on Wed, 04/29/2015 - 10:42am

This year, registration is done in two steps (to keep your registration costs as low as possible):

Step 1: Purchase a Ticket

Click on the button below, which will open a new tab/window for the Vendini ticketing system for the Conference. If more than one person is attending from your institution, you may purchase multiple tickets in the same ticket order if using the same credit card. Sponsors, invited guests, and speakers should skip ahead to Step 2.

Note: You should choose the Print At Home option for ticket purchase. If you do so, we will not require the credit card holder to be present at the Conference, so you can select "I agree to this" with impunity.

U of Calgary attendees are eligible for a subsidy. Make certain you have the discount code before purchasing your ticket (email iaml [at] from your U of C account if you didn't receive it).

Step 2: Provide Us With Your Registration Information

Fill out the form below for each person for whom a ticket has been purchased. That's it — there is no Step 3!

U of C registrants should enter their Department or unit. Everyone else should enter their corporate/institutional affiliation.
Sponsors, Guests, and Speakers should enter today's date
You only need to answer this question once per company.
You may unsubscribe at any time at

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