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Resources 2016

Updated 2016-07-06

The following are resources provided by the speakers from the 2016 MacDeployment Conference.

Conference Day Resources

Managing the User Experience – Tim Sutton

Macs in Windows Server Environments: Binding to AD (or not) – Luis Giraldo

Intro to 3D Printing for Mac Admins – Rob Furr and Anthony Reimer

Free/Open Source or Commercial/Closed Source: What's Right For You? – Tom Bridge and Luis Giraldo, with Teri Grossheim and Tim Sutton

The audio for this discussion is available on a separate page.

Mac Admins Conferences

  • Slides (Conference names have live links to the relevant web pages)

Workshop Day Resources

Some of the unplanned mentions during the workshop were recorded in the MacAdmins Slack #MacDeploy channel and have been added here (thanks to Mark Cohen, Tim, and Tom).



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