2019 Resources

The following are the resources provided by our speakers related to their presentation, listed in the order in which they presented:

MDM: From “Nice to Have” to Necessity — Rich Trouton

MDS — Tim Perfitt

Open Source and the Inevitability of MDM — Per Olofsson

Awesome Automations: Using Webhooks to Automate and Integrate — Tami Miguens

The Accidental Developer: Dev Skills from an Administrator — Dana Donaldson

Resources Suggested by People In Attendance

Community Discussion

MacAdmins SlackJoin
Hundreds of channel topics (including #too-many-channels), over 25,000 users. Can only search within Slack (Internet searches will not find posts). Armin Briegel has written a newcomer’s guide to help get you started.
MacEnterprise ListListServ @ PSU/Join, Google Groups (Read Only)
Good for longer discussions. Low volume list.
Jamf NationJoin
Hosted by Jamf for their customers, but anyone can join. Many topics/issues discussed are more generally applicable.
FileWave Knowledge Base
Although it is directed at FileWave customers, this KBase also includes topics/issues that are more generally applicable.


#blog-feed on MacAdmins Slack
You can add your own blog if you have an RSS feed. The channel is meant to be read-only; discussion on blog posts happens in #blog-chat. Most of the blogs listed below show up in this composite feed.
Der Flounder – Rich Trouton
The DocFather. One of the largest sources of documented techniques and solutions. Watch for his book with Charles Edge later in 2019.
Scripting OS X – Armin Briegel
Another top documentor in the community. His weekly news wrap-up is widely read; you can subscribe via email (also linked from Twitter and included in #blog-feed). He also has a series of eBooks for purchase that many admins find useful: macOS Installation, Packaging, and PropertyLists, Preferences and Profiles for Apple Administrators.
Krypted – Charles Edge
Posts from the noted book author and podcast co-host. Currently working at Jamf, but his posts on this blog are directed at the whole community.
MacMule – Ben Toms
Ben uses (and writes) open source software but integrates that into Jamf Pro.
The Eclectic Light Company – Howard Oakley
A personal (and fairly prolific) blog from the UK that covers more than just Macs. The blog has sections for Macs, Mac Problem Solving, and Downloads of the utility software he offers.
Graham R Pugh
“The rarely-updated blog of a Mac Support Specialist in Switzerland.” He posts on topics related to AutoPkg, Jamf Pro, and JSS-Importer, among others.
Mod Titan – Dr. Emily Kausalik-Whittle
While the flow of posts slowed during Emily’s maternity leave, you will find posts directed at a wide range of experience levels. There are many posts that leverage her Jamf-specific knowledge.
Cannonball – Tom Bridge
Periodic posts from the affable host of the Mac Admins Podcast. A good mix of storytelling, opinion pieces, and technical info. His most famous recent post was about his trip to the ER with his Apple Watch.
Managing OS X – Greg Neagle
Periodic posts from the noted Open Source developer and active community member. Links from talks that he gives (which are uniformly excellent) are posted here.
Objective See’s Blog
Patrick Wardle’s Mac-centric security blog.


Mac Admins Podcast
The most popular podcast aimed squarely at Mac Admins. New episodes appear most weeks, with occasional live episodes from Conferences and events.

Other podcasts (not mentioned in the discussion) include Command Control Power (aimed at consultants in the Apple space) and Jamf After Dark (aimed at Jamf customers and employees).


At the end of the Conference, we showed a list of the other major conferences for Mac Admins worldwide. The list (shown below) has been slightly updated since it was presented, most notably to add Objective by the Sea. Click on the picture below to download a PDF – the conference names are all live links to the respective Conference web sites. Many offer videos of and/or slides from past conference sessions.

Click or Tap to download PDF of list

References and Tutorials

Learn X in Y Minutes
Community resource for coders. Focuses on programming languages and related tools.
“Simplified and community-driven man pages.” Focussed on practical examples.
Tutorials Point – Simply Easy Learning
A broad, developer-centred resource. Everything from HTML to Swift 4 to Blockchain.
Quick tips and how-tos for Apple customers. Another online publication you may want to consider in this space is iMore.
Cheat.sh – Igor Chubin
Command line command reference, providing quick usage examples of the command you enter.
Code Academy
Provides interactive tutorials for a variety of languages. In Tami’s session, she used the language Node.js and recommended this resource.

Specific Software Mentioned


Searchable full-text transcripts of WWDC sessions.
macOS app for easy viewing of WWDC videos.
WWDC Videos – Apple
Apple’s official videos page for the most recent WWDC. Click on All Videos to expand the selection to include past years as well.

Meta Resources

Profiles – Clayton Burlison
Links to Configuration Profile repositories in GitHub that you can adapt/adopt for your purposes.
Mac Admin Info
A page much like the one you are currently visiting, but with a broader list of links and categories. Open to additions by pull request.
Microsoft Mac Downloads
If you need to download an installer from Microsoft, this is a good central location to visit. Maintained by the Microsoft Mac team.