2014 Resources

Resources that the speakers have chosen to provide from the MacDeployment workshop on June 5, 2014 are posted to this page. It also includes all the pre-conference information, such as the files needed to do the demos. (There was also a user survey e-mailed to people who registered.)

Slide Decks [PDF]

Additional Resources Mentioned or Speaker-suggested

Files for Follow-Along Demos

The following apps were used in the demos:

The following installers were used in the demos:

  • Firefox install image (regular version or ESR)
  • Adobe Reader XI (also, if you want Admin-friendly versions of Reader, Flash and/or AIR, use the link on the page to sign up for a free license)
  • OS Installer (or InstallESD) corresponding to the operating system you are running (e.g., if you are running Mavericks, get the latest “Install OS X Mavericks” installer via the App Store)

Disclaimer: The presence of the U of C Coat of Arms on a brochure distributed by OSI at the workshop should not be construed as an official endorsement by the University of Calgary of OSI or any of the products or services mentioned therein. OSI’s intent was only to recognize the three partners in the 2014 MacDeployment workshop.