Conference Speakers

2021 Conference Speakers

See our 2021 Conference Speakers page.

Past Conference Speakers

We have a tradition of bringing a great mix of speakers to Calgary — from across the country and around the world — to share their knowledge and expertise. We even had speakers present virtually (and not just in 2021, when that was our only reasonable option). Here’s a list of our past Conference/Workshop speakers (see the Resources page for any session resources provided by the speakers):

  • Per Olofsson, University of Gothenburg – Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Rich Trouton, SAP – Middletown, MD
  • Tim Perfitt, Twocanoes Software – Naperville, IL
  • Dana Donaldson, Pixar [Box] – San Francisco Bay Area
  • Tami Miguens, [RIPEDA Consulting] – Calgary AB
  • Jesse Endahl, Apple [Fleetsmith] – San Francisco Bay Area
  • Meg Ciliberti, Shopify – Ottawa ON
  • Pam Lefkowitz, JumpCloud [Core Computing Technologies / CadentTeam] – Chicago, IL
  • Ross Derewianko, [Ping Identity] – Vancouver BC
  • Kelly Watkins Conrad, Jamf – Minneapolis, MN
  • Josh Roskos, Jamf – Eau Claire, WI
  • Kylie Woods (née Toh), Chic Geek – Calgary AB
  • Tom Bridge, JumpCloud [Technolutionary, LLC] – Washington, D.C.
  • Luis Giraldo, ScalePad [Ook Enterprises] – Vancouver BC
  • Andrina Kelly, Jamf [Bell Media] – Vancouver Island, BC (via Toronto ON and UK)
  • Tim Sutton, Block [Concordia University] – Montréal QC
  • Vaughn Miller, Lafayette College – Easton, PA
  • Kyle Bareis, Apple [Jamf] – Minneapolis, MN
  • Teri Grossheim, Booz Allen Hamilton [Jamf] – Chicago, IL
  • Rob Furr, University of Calgary – Calgary AB
  • Anthony Reimer, University of Calgary – Calgary AB
  • Guest speakers from Apple Canada

[x] = past professional affiliation when presenting at MacDeployment